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East End Homes Ready

Twelve homes have been completed in East End under the National Housing Development Trust's (NHDT) Affordable Housing Development Programme. Last month workers were seen putting the finishing touches on the homes.

The National Housing Development Trust (NHDT) has just completed constructing 12 homes in East End. The homes were built under the Trust's Affordable Housing Development Programme.

Ground was broken on the development in March of this year, and another nine two- and three-bedroom homes will be added in 2011.

NHDT's Interim General Manager Janet James said that the Trust's representatives are now in the process of reviewing applications for the homes.

In order to qualify, persons must be between the ages of 25 and 60 years old, Caymanians, first time homeowners and must be the person(s) to occupy the home.

Among other criteria, a single person must be making an income of no more than CI$30,000 and a couple no more than $45,000 together.

Ms James noted that the NHDT will carry out a priority means test to determine whether the applicants fit into the category of low-income, therefore making them eligible to apply. The applicant must then, independently seek funding through a bank to purchase the home.

"These are well constructed, solid concrete homes," stated NHDT Chairman Steve McLaughlin.

Noting that the quality and finish of the homes are comparable to any in the local marketplace, Mr. McLaughlin said: "The new board's focus was to deliver value for money to the public; I believe that with these homes we will exceed our client's expectations."

Minister of Community Affairs and Housing the Hon. Mike Adam, MBE, JP, congratulated the NHDT on its efficient handling of the construction process.

"The NHDT promised to have these homes completed by December; I am very pleased that the houses have been completed within the given time, and that 12 more Caymanian families will now have a place to call home," Minister Adam observed.

In his comments, Housing Councillor Ellio Solomon lauded the contractors for their professionalism and efficiency on this project.

"The government will continue our drive to provide home ownership opportunities to the various segments of our population through the NHDT and other Policy Decisions. An integral part of this effort is also ensuring that we promote economic opportunities to local businesses and create employment opportunities for Caymanians.

"I therefore applaud the contractors who worked on the East End homes for their professionalism and efficiency on this project, the end product of which has shown the country that we can deliver quality affordable homes with local expertise and labour, those contractors and everyone involved have shown that they deserved the confidence that was placed in them", Mr. Solomon said.

Last December the NHDT invited licensed small-contractors to pre-qualify to be shortlisted to participate in the East End development. Thereafter, these shortlisted contractors were invited to bid on the project.

Out of the bidding for the East End project, contracts were awarded to Jernat Construction, East End Builders, Lalev Construction, J & P Construction, Top Notch Construction, and Roy Campbell & Sons Construction.

In the meantime, ground has been broken on the NHDT's West Bay development which will see the establishment of 29 homes. Pre-qualification for the contractors for West Bay started in October 2010 and ended in November. Contracts were issued on 22 November.

For further information contact: Prudence Barnes