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Focusing on the Future

This week (Monday, 20 December) GIS Spotlight explores how to best help at-risk youth, counts the ways the Auditor General ensures that Cayman gets a good deal and visits Cayman's National Weather Service.

Join us for a look at how the Education Ministry's Behaviour and Educational Support Team (BEST) is working to bring at-risk youth back from the brink.

We tune in as Programme Coordinator Michael Myles talks about BEST details and benefits. We also interview Education Minister Rolston Anglin on what his ministry is doing to identify at-risk youth.

Our next stop is the Auditor General's (AG) office. Here we find out how audits work and how they can save us money. We also clear up some common misconceptions about the AG's office.

Moving along, we are well aware that forecasting the weather can sometimes be an apparently fruitless task, yet many industries and individuals still rely on weather information to plan their day.

We knock on the National Weather Service's door to find out why weather forecasting is so important and who benefits most. We also hear how meteorologists work behind-the-scenes to the advantage of local and regional residents.

Produced by Government Information Services, GIS Spotlight highlights government's services and solutions regarding issues that concern and affect you.

The weekly programme now airs on Cayman27 at 8:30 p.m. on Mondays, and 6:00 p.m. on Saturdays. All the stories seen in this week's show can also be found on the GIS Marketing and Communications website:

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