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International Athlete Agent

Cayman's star athlete Cydonie Mothersill

Cayman's premier track star Cydonie Mothersill makes local history once again, this time by becoming the first Caymanian athlete selected to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Athlete Committee.

"I am honoured to serve as a representative to all sportsmen and women. I believe it is important that WADA officials understand the unique challenges athletes face as we push ourselves daily to reach the top.

"In speaking up for this branch of the sporting fraternity, I hope to support WADA in developing sensible and effective drug detection and prevention strategies," Cydonie said.

Minister of Sport the Hon. Mark Scotland has extended his congratulations on the appointment: "This is another milestone for Cydonie and also for the Cayman Islands. Once more we have proof that our athletes are world-class, both on and off the track.

"We believe Cydonie will serve the world's athletes well but she will especially provide a reasoned voice as she represents our region. We wish her all the best with her appointment and with the work that lies ahead."

The WADA Athlete Committee was established in 2005 to give athletes worldwide a voice and protect their rights, while providing agency officials with insight and oversight into athletes' roles and responsibilities as they relate to anti-doping.

As a member of this committee, Cydonie will also assist in raising awareness about anti-doping and will act as liaison between WADA and international and regional sport organisations as well as governments on the subject of anti-doping initiatives.

Her tenure as international athlete representative starts in January. She will serve a three-year term.


For further information contact: Cornelia Oliver