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Eyeing Glaucoma

Thanks to early diagnoses, glaucoma sufferer and Cabinet Secretary Orrett Connor still leads a full and active life.

This week (Monday, 10 January) GIS Spotlight looks at glaucoma, shares tips on choosing a preschool and explores ways to increase access for the disabled.

Left unchecked, glaucoma can lead to blindness, which is why the disease's increasing incidence in Cayman has doctors at the Lion's Eye Clinic worried. We visit to find out what causes it, who is most at risk and what people can do about it.

Our next stop is the Ministry of Education where we gather a list of ten points to consider when choosing your toddler's preschool. These include nutrition, the range of outdoor activities and assessment strategies.

Finally, join us for a walk through the perfect house - from a disabled person's viewpoint. See how little things can make a big difference when it comes to accessibility.

Produced by Government Information Services, GIS Spotlight highlights government's services and solutions regarding issues that concern and affect you.

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