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All About Cayman

Prospect Primary students Allena Rankine (left) and Rhochae Williams were curious about some of the items that made

Prospect Primary School students delighted in tasty local desserts, a Cayman fashion show, folk songs and maypole dancing during their heritage day celebration on Friday, 28 January.

Thatch rope and basket-weaving demonstrations, local stories about the past shared by Cayman's only living National Hero Mrs. Sybil McLaughlin MBE, JP, and musical pieces from local drummers Randy Chollette and Damian Thaxter also added to the excitement.

For 12-year-old David Brown, the fashion show and folk songs topped his list of favourite activities, but he also enjoyed Mrs. McLaughlin's stories, marvelling that there were so few cars on-island when she was growing up.

Another student, Monina Thompson, thought the food was outstanding, particularly since it was so different from items she usually eats. She spoke highly of the peppermint sweets, cornbread and 'swanky' (Cayman-style lemonade), but added that the cassava cake was her first choice.

Principal Mrs. Gloria Bell thanked all the participants and sponsors, including the parents who donated most of the food, the Department of Tourism, and the National Trust, for making the day a particularly enjoyable educational experience.


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