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Art Therapy

SRC Artists: Nickola McCoy-Snell (standing centre) oversees a group of Sunrise Adult Training Centre (SRC) clients as they construct collages from old magazines, assisted by SRC staff members.

The kindness of Art Eccentrix's Nickola McCoy-Snell, the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman, and The Hobby Shop has secured additional art classes for ten Sunrise Adult Training Centre (SRC) clients for an hour every Monday.

A former special education teacher, Mrs. McCoy-Snell spearheaded the project, donating her studio space and time and securing art supplies valued at $2,600.

She also convinced the Cayman Islands National Gallery to loan her a few chairs for each class.

And her efforts are appreciated: "Sunrise Centre has a very limited art budget so we're extremely grateful for this exciting addition to our curriculum," said SRC Director Roberta Gordon.

"It follows last September's addition of a music therapy programme, so we're planning a combined spring concert and art show for May. That will give our clients a chance to showcase their work and development in both areas.

"Some of their art-work will also be sold and the proceeds will go right back to the centre's art programme."

Mrs. McCoy-Snell, who engaged the participants in print- and collage-making for their first two classes, says she has all sorts of fun activities planned for the group. She will include instruction on textured-art pieces and will take her students on field trips to acquire objects such as shells, boxes, sand and soda cans.

"We're so grateful to Nikola, the Rotary Club and The Hobby Shop for their generosity and for making this learning experience possible," Ms. Gordon added. "But to continue with the classes we will eventually need additional donations. As such, we would also welcome the kindness of others."

Items like old magazines, glue, paints and brushes, paper, plywood, and balloons would all be useful for the class. Gift certificates to hardware stores, as well as loans of tables and chairs would also be helpful.

To donate, contact Ms. Gordon on 949-3330 and Roberta Gordon or Mrs. McCoy-Snell on 927-2076 and Nickola McCoy-Snell.


For further information contact: Kenisha Morgan