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PFML Under Review

The Cayman Islands Government has engaged a consultant to review the financial and human resource management model that is currently in operation in the civil service, statutory authorities and government companies. Keith Luck, who recently completed a four-year contract as Director General, Finance in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office will carry out the review.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office contracted him to reform their financial and corporate systems. Mr. Luck is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Mr. Luck’s review will focus on the mechanisms that underpin the financial and human resources management model, including the Public Management and Finance Law and Financial Regulations.

The Integrated Resource Information System (IRIS), which is the Oracle based system that runs all of Government’s financial and human resource transactions will also come under scrutiny.

Mr. Luck, who has worked for a number of United Kingdom and international public sector organizations, will be in the Cayman Islands for the month of February. During his time here, he will meet with government officials and private sector organizations. He will report to Cabinet on an ongoing basis.

For further information contact: Susan Watler