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Caribbean Law & Order

A team presents arguments at the Law Clinic. The students in teams tackled five questions.

This week (Monday, 28 March) GIS Spotlight goes to court, attends a regional conference and enjoys an outing to the Sister Islands' Agriculture Day.

Does a child who is born to unmarried parents have the right to British Overseas Territory citizenship if only one parent has it?

This is one of the five questions law students grappled with at the second annual Caribbean Law Clinic hosted by the Cayman Islands Law School. Drawing students from across the region as well as from the United States, this event has already become an invaluable training ground for the next generation of regional lawyers.

Hear from students how they thought the mock trial went, plus what they took away from the experience.

Next, we take a seat at the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI)'s Conference on Leadership, Governance and Empowerment in the Caribbean.

We talk to participants about the importance of this regional conference and get a rundown on some of the provocative but relevant topics that were up for discussion.

Then we hop on a plane to join the wholesome fun at this year's Sister Islands' Agriculture Show. See why this event has become a must-do as we take you through the displays and demonstrations that give visitors a close-up view of life down on the farm.

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