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Landfill Fire Contained

Fire Services and Department of Environmental Health pump water and excavate underlying embers to contain a fire that began at the landfill early this morning (Thursday, 21 April).

A fire at the George Town landfill has been contained by fire fighters and landfill staff.

The fire is now located only in the northwest corner of the landfill, where household rubbish is dumped, said Director of Environmental Health (DEH) Roydell Carter.

Noticed around 3:30 a.m. today (Thursday, 21 April), the fire is deep-seated, said Chief Fire Officer Dennom Bodden. It therefore requires excavators to lift up underlying burning, and fire tankers to douse and dampen the flames, he explained.

"This is a long process. There is still considerable smoke, but we expect to have it extinguished by this evening," he added.

As of this afternoon, more than 25 personnel from Fire Services and DEH were staffing three fire tankers and a trailer pump, plus two excavators, to keep the fire contained.

Mr. Carter asked persons using the landfill to strictly follow directions from landfill staff, in order to remain safe and to allow fire operations to continue.


For further information contact: Bina Mani