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Inspired Performers

Two talented young ladies performing.

Young performers on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman vying for National Children's Festival of Arts accolades dazzled visiting judges with their speech, drama and dance prowess this year.

Travelling to Cayman Brac for the annual adjudication event (18 - 19 April), the National Museum's Nasaria Suckoo-Cholette and Cayman National Cultural Foundation's Rita Estevanovich both had kudos for the Sister Islands thespians - with a special mention of the three-man speech choir from Little Cayman Primary School.

"We were both very impressed with the number of entries from the Sister Islands as well as the standard of performance. But what really got me excited was seeing just how enthused and confident these young people were," noted Mrs. Suckoo-Cholette.

Ms Estevanovich added: "The Brac trip was fantastic, as the kids were committed to their performances. I was particularly impressed with the respect they had for each other. People paid attention to each performance - even the youngest of children."

Both judges thanked their employers for allowing them time off "to serve the community and our children in such a manner."

"Developing our young people's ability to participate in and appreciate the arts is crucial to fulfilling our mandate to protect and facilitate the continued growth of the unique heritage and culture of these three Islands," Mrs. Suckoo-Cholette explained.

The NCFA awards night is scheduled for 10 June 2011.


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