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Mosquito Plane Taking Off

aedes aegypti

In response to the recent heavy rainfall, the Mosquito Research and Control Unit (MRCU) will be carrying out aerial control operations against the aedes aegypti starting this week, Friday, 27 May.

Because this mosquito species, the main vector of the dengue virus, breeds in urban environments the aerial control operations will be focusing on the two main population centers of Grand Cayman, namely central George Town and West Bay.

Dependent upon weather conditions operations will commence early Friday evening with initial flights focusing on the George Town area. Flights will continue for several weeks starting approximately 6 pm every night.

This aedes aegypti mosquito's numbers are expected to increase with the start of the rainy season. Although dengue is not endemic in the Cayman Islands the population of this mosquito needs to be minimized as there is always the possibility of travellers introducing the virus into the islands.

The public can help the MRCU in its control efforts against aedes aegypti by keeping yards free from any containers where rainwater can accumulate. The aedes aegypti mosquito is commonly found breeding in water drums, buckets, discarded car tyres and any other vessel capable of holding water.

Any questions or concerns about aedes aegypti can be directed to Dr Alan Wheeler ( or by phoning the Mosquito Research & Control Unit (949 2557).