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Review of Public Services

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the Cayman Islands government agreed in September 2009, as a condition of granting approval to borrowings to "... commit to a review of the public service, focussing first on the major spending departments ...".

Terms of reference were established for the reviews and all teams for each of the phases were trained by external trainers from the United States, Singapore and the United Kingdom in business process reengineering and other review techniques.

The same methodology was used for all of the reviews and the focus was on improving the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of the public service and where appropriate reducing the cost of providing services.

In October 2009 review teams were established drawn predominantly from the public service but at least one senior representative from the private sector as identified by the Chamber of Commerce. The teams were chosen to reflect a mix of accounting, finance, human resources, management and IT skills.

The first phase of the Review of Public Services consisted of four agencies namely CINICO, the Department of Tourism, the Prison Service and the Public Works Department.

These initial reviews were completed in early March 2010. The four agencies accounted for approximately $72 million of the government's expenditure. The report identified potential savings of $17 million over a three year period.

The second phase covered a further $200 million of expenditure and included the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, Education, Children and Family Services, the Cayman Islands Airport Authority, the Ports Authority, Fire Service, Customs and Computer Services. This phase included assistance from a local consulting firm who supported the teams.

The second phase was completed in January 2011 and the final report on the anticipated savings is about to be discussed by Cabinet.

The third phase commenced on the 4 April 2011 and includes Planning, Immigration, Lands and Survey, DVES, National Roads Authority and the Health Services Authority. These agencies represent $126 million worth of expenditure. It is anticipated that these reviews will be completed by mid June 2011. To provide subject matter experts to assist the review teams advisors from the Institute of Public Administration of Canada have been engaged.