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Solid Waste Expertise

Dr. Sallam joined the DEH team.

Early this year, the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) welcomed a new Assistant Director, Solid Waste on board.

Originally from Jordan, Dr. Maysson Sallam has impressive credentials. She has over 15 years' experience in solid waste management both in the United States and Jordan, where she applied her knowledge and expertise to managing natural resources and solving environmental problems.

"We are indeed fortunate to have someone of her caliber working with us. It means we are now much better positioned to deal with all existing and future solid waste management options," says DEH Director Roydell Carter.

And Dr. Sallam is enjoying the challenge. "My main focus as Assistant Director is to protect the environment and the public welfare here," she comments.

"The department is therefore looking to improve solid waste services as well as the support efforts that are already in place or yet to be implemented. The aim is to ultimately protect and preserve the pristine nature of these islands."

Dr Sallam holds a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering and a master's in Environmental Engineering and Geology in Non-metallic Industrial Rocks. She also has a bachelor's degree in Geology.

In the past, she has used her education, skills and experience to tackle areas such as: Treating and managing toxic ash; Technically advising on a feasibility study re building a waste-to-energy facility with plasma arc technology; Conducting (for a large military firm) a comprehensive management study on solid waste management, designed to achieve zero waste generation; Reviewing new solid waste and recycling technologies; Applying bioreactor concepts to degrade municipal solid waste and volatile organic carbons; Advising on building a new landfill in West Palm Beach Florida; Over-viewing construction of a wastewater treatment plant, and reviewing the treatment and technologies of wastewater and drinking water.

In her current role, Dr. Sallam is assisting the department in advancing its solid waste services and management system. She is also helping to get the new waste-to-energy project on stream, and is participating in planning aspects of advancing recycling programmes in Grand Cayman and the Sister Islands.

For further information contact: Tania Johnson - DEH