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Copy That!

Students, educators, MLAs and HSBA reps with the new copier.

After sharing their need for a new photocopier with Bodden Town Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), Bodden Town Primary School (BTPS) Principal Centoya Cacho welcomed a new Ricoh MP C3001 colour photocopier to her school.

Valued at just under $6,400, the copier was donated by HSBC after contact from Messrs Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymour.

Thanking HSBC for their contribution, MLA Dwayne Seymour explained that the school's copier had broken at a critical point during the school year.

"Though we were working with the school on some other projects at the time, we thought it important to help secure another copy machine," he said. "So we contacted HSBC and they willingly agreed to assist.

"And the fact is, the copier was so badly needed that teachers started using it the minute it was plugged in!"

Pictured (from left) are BTPS Prefect Djmon Watler; HSBC Chief Executive Officer Gonzalo Jalles; BTPS Head Girl Jehquisa Buchanan; Bodden Town MLAs Dwayne Seymour and Minister Mark Scotland; HSBC Chief Financial Officer Chris Saunders; HSBC Manager of Technology & CRE Jefferson Pouchie and BTPS Principal Centoya Cacho.


For further information contact: Kenisha Morgan