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Enquiry Not Needed

Governor Duncan Taylor, CBE

His Excellency the Governor Mr. Duncan Taylor, CBE, has now formally responded to the Premier in connection with the Premier's 28 June request for a Commission of Enquiry to be established. This was in relation to the procurement, planning and capital spend for the John Gray, Clifton Hunter and Beulah Smith High Schools and the proposed new George Town Primary School.

The Governor has said: "The Auditor General has informed me that he has already put in place plans to carry out performance audits of the John Gray and Clifton Hunter High Schools this financial year. He has further told me that in the course of a programme of work this year he will also be reviewing the transactions around the Beulah Smith High School and the new George Town Primary School projects".

As such, the Governor has told the Premier that he does not believe that there is a need to consider setting up a Commission of Enquiry at this stage.

The Governor has made it clear to the Premier that he would be prepared to consider the matter again after the Auditor General has submitted his reports to the Legislative Assembly, should his findings indicate that there are any matters which might benefit from having such an enquiry.

For further information contact: Lennon Christian