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Legal Updates

Attorney Angelyn Hernandez leads the immigration law discussions.

To ensure that its administrative and uniformed staff members stay current on all areas of the immigration law and regulations, a series of workshops was recently held at the Department of Immigration.

Conducted over the period of 21 to 30 June, the refresher courses were facilitated by attorney Angelyn Hernandez, who informed staff of the intricacies of the updated Immigration Laws and Regulations.

This included the changes and new regulations that were introduced with the present Immigration Law (2010 Revision) which came into effect last October.

The revised law has been fully implemented, and Chief Immigration Officer Linda Evans and her management team decided that it would be useful for all staff to have an overall understanding of the key areas.

Expressing pleasure at the successful training initiative, she said, "This review is already proving to be worthwhile. The public will undoubtedly derive benefits from having a department which is up-to-date and knowledgeable on matters of the immigration laws and regulations."

Expressing commitment to the professional development and growth of immigration staff, Ms. Evans said, "This is just part of an ongoing effort to equip staff to better-serve our customers."

Every section has benefitted from the review, added Training and Development Manager Jenifer Gager-Sterling. She said the 100-plus participants included representatives of the Cayman Status and Permanent Residency, Business Staffing Plan, and Work Permit boards, as well as the Enforcement and Border Control team.

Mrs. Gager-Sterling reiterated the department's commitment to ensuring that staff members are equipped for their roles.

"While this training will improve their efficiency and effectiveness, it was one of several ongoing training programmes," she noted. "Similar sessions will continue, including training in specific areas which impact the functions of the respective sections."


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