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Police Commissioner Speaks Out

Commissioner of Police, David Baines

Following the latest shooting in the Cayman Islands the Commissioner of Police, David Baines, has pledged that finding the men responsible is a top priority for the RCIPS.

Tactics such as island-wide road checks, increased police presence at gas stations and businesses, armed patrols and the squeezing of known offenders are all being stepped up in an effort to stop the escalating gratuitous and indiscriminate violence used in recent incidents.

"We've now had two people seriously injured in the last two weeks as a result of robbery related shootings," said Mr. Baines. "The violence used is completely disproportionate to the potential gain. In the jerk stand shooting nothing was taken. Last night a woman was shot in the shoulder and leg for her handbag which contained a small sum of cash. We could potentially have been dealing with two murders.

"While we cannot definitively link the two incidents, the blasť manner in which people were shot, combined with the time and the modus operandi of the crimes, suggest that they may be linked. This has to stop now before people are killed.

"Today I'm thanking the people who have provided information in relation to the crimes. The information has allowed us to carry out searches and vehicle checks - but unfortunately the information supplied has not yet led to hard evidence to arrest those responsible. We need the public to continue to assist us and to continue to provide any information they have. No matter how insignificant it may seem, it may be the piece of information that helps us start to gather enough evidence to put these men behind bars.

"We have information that what has been described as an "old blue/ grey beat up Honda" may be connected to last night's shooting. Officers throughout the Island are currently searching for those types of vehicles through proactive patrols and road checks. If you know anyone who owns such a vehicle, whether it is licensed or not, please let us know.

"The RCIPS would once again remind business owners to review their cash handling procedures. Make sure your staff do not park in dark areas. It's seems that the aim of last night's robbery was to make off with takings from the gas station - but the gunman assumed, wrongly, that his victim was carrying the cash.

"Shooting a young man in the eye when he has no money or a 57-year-old woman for a small sum of personal cash - is that what Cayman has become?

"I'm sure that even those involved in criminality on the Island will be repulsed by what happened last night. If they know anything, or hear anyone bragging about it, we need to get that information. As always, information can be passed to us in confidence."

Anyone who has any information about gun crime should contact their nearest police station, the RCIPS confidential tip line 949-777 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS).

For further information contact: Lennon Christian