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FCO Launches OT Dialogue

FCO starts dialogue on relationship.

Henry Bellingham, Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, has formally launched a consultation process in respect of the 2012 White Paper on the UK's relationship with the Overseas Territories. His full speech, which was delivered on Monday during his visit to Bermuda, can be found on the Governor's Office website at

The UK Government's strategy towards the Overseas Territories focuses on three areas:

  • To strengthen the engagement and interaction between the UK and the Territories;
  • To work with Territories to strengthen good governance arrangements, public financial management and economic planning where this is necessary; and
  • To improve the quality and range of support available to the Territories.

This period of consultation is for the purpose of identifying what we can do to improve the functioning of the relationship between the UK and each Territory in the three broad areas defined.

Following an earlier request from Minister Bellingham to Premier Bush for the views of the Cayman Islands, the Premier announced in the Legislative Assembly on 7 September that he would be establishing a Committee for this purpose. This Committee has now been set up and is actively engaged in the process.

But the Minister is keen that people in the Overseas Territories also have an opportunity to provide feedback and thoughts direct to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. A facility to enable them to do so has now been set up and can be accessed via the Governor's Office website and then by clicking on: 'Overseas Territories - Have Your Say'.

For further information contact: Cornelia Oliver