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Latest from Auditor General

The Auditor General, Alastair Swarbrick, announced today the following:

  • launch of a new website
  • issuance of the OAG Strategic Plan - Making a Difference
  • issuance of the performance (value-for-money) audit programme, and
  • an open house to be held on 2 November 2011

The new website provides information about the mandate and work of the OAG and is much easier to navigate than the old site. Mr. Swarbrick is excited that the new site will be more current and relevant for anyone needing information about the Office’s work.

Deputy Auditor General Garnet Harrison, who has spearheaded the work, stated that there is a lot of information on the new website previously unavailable to the public except through freedom of information requests. As he is the official responsible for Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, Mr. Harrison believes the new site will ensure the key provisions of the FOI Law will be met more efficiently and believes it will be an example of good practice for other public bodies to follow in the future. For example, the Office has made public the following information:

  • management team remuneration,
  • key payments and contracts,
  • employee travel expenses
  • register of interests for key employees, and
  • hospitality received and given.

In addition, visitors to the website will be able to find copies of the Office’s press releases and audit reports dating back to 1995 and get to know us better through our Quick Guide to the Office.

In an effort to provide useful information to other officials in the Cayman Islands Government, the website will have information about good practices for the management of the public sector as well as links to other websites that provide information that could assist public sector managers.

Strategic Plan and Programme of Performance Audits made public: Mr. Swarbrick is also pleased to announce that the Office’s recently completed Strategic Plan – Making a Difference – and the planned programme of performance audits are now available on the website. "Since being appointed Auditor General in July 2010, I have spent a lot of time talking to Government officials and the public to understand how my Office can provide the government with an effective independent public audit function. I believe the Strategic Plan captures the essence of this effort and will be a good base for how we want to go forward in the future. We desire to make a difference in how Government operates by promoting good governance, transparency, and accountability in the use of public funds."

With respect to the programme of performance audits Mr. Swarbrick stated that "the purpose of this plan is to inform all stakeholders of the performance audit reports that we plan to issue over the next 18 months, along with other areas that we plan to keep a watching brief on and which we may report on in the future. I also hope that it will help stimulate stakeholders to contribute ideas about the areas my Office should be auditing."

Public sector employees and the public are invited to meet the Auditor General and his staff, and have a “tour” of the new website at an open house to be held on November 2, 2011 between 1.00pm and 4.00pm at the Office of the Auditor General on 2 November 2011 at their office on the 3rd Floor, Anderson Square, 64 Shedden Road.

For more information, call Martin Ruben at 244-3206.

For further information contact: Susan Watler