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Premier Endorses

The Premier, the Hon. McKeeva Bush, OBE, JP, hands over the formal government commitment towards Miss Lassie's house restoration to CNCF Board member Morgan DaCosta and CNCF Artistic Director Henry Muttoo.

The Premier, the Hon. W. McKeeva Bush, formally presented Government's commitment to the restoration of the house of internationally renowned visionary artist, Mrs. Gladwyn K. Bush, better known as Miss Lassie.

Handing over the letter of commitment for $500,000 over a four year period to representatives of the Cayman National Cultural Foundation (CNCF) on Thursday, 20 October, the Premier hailed efforts underway to secure Miss Lassie's South Sound house, Mind's Eye, as a heritage site.

The latest international recognition of Mind's Eye comes from the World Monument Fund ( which placed it on the Watch List 2012 as a threatened cultural-heritage site.

The importance of the site is a matter of pride for all Caymanians, the Premier noted. "Mind's Eye was being considered with sites from around the world for this recognition," he said.

Restoration of the house will also preserve for future generations an example of their ancestors' homes, he added and lauded CNCF's Henry Muttoo and Lorna Bush for their efforts.


For further information contact: Bina Mani