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AG on Conflict of Interest

Attorney General, the Hon. Samuel Bulgin, QC, JP

It's an interesting question for the public and for those that serve the public - MLAs, appointees to government boards, senior civil servants and senior employees of government statutory authorities.

Ethics, Integrity and Accountability in Public Life is a presentation delivered by Attorney General, the Hon. Samuel Bulgin, to members of the Legislative Assembly after the 2009 elections.

Given on-going public discourse, uncertainty about how and when conflicts of interest occur, and what is expected of public office holders, the Attorney General has made the presentation available on

In the 23-page presentation, the Attorney General discusses specific laws like the Register of Interests Law, the Anti-Corruption Law and the Public Service Management Law. He also discusses specific issues, such as conflict of interest, gifts, and political influence.

The Attorney General said, "It is imperative that those who hold public office, including those who serve on government boards and commissions, familiarise themselves with these principles and, when necessary, educate their associates and agents."

The presentation can be found on the home page of the government portal,; look under Features.


For further information contact: Susan Watler