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Courting Honour

Court Human Resources Manager Patricia Muschette presents a gift to the Chief Magistrate.

At a packed special court sitting on Wednesday (26 October) to bid Chief Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale goodbye, speakers led by the Chief Justice, the Hon. Anthony Smellie, were unanimous that Cayman's loss would be Turks and Caicos' gain.

Ms. Ramsay-Hale left Cayman Friday, 28 October to take up her new assignment as a Puisne Judge in those islands.

At the sitting, the Chief Justice noted that from the time he welcomed her to the Cayman courts 13 years ago, she had proven her work ethic, her enthusiasm and her ability to think outside the box. He particularly lauded her as one of the pioneers of Cayman's Drug Rehabilitation Court as well as her piloting work with the mental health, DUI and domestic violence courts, which are to be set up in the near future.

Other speakers were Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryll Richards, QC; attorneys Messrs. Raymond Alberga, QC; Howard Hamilton, QC (on behalf of the Jamaican Bar); Andre Ebanks (on behalf of the Caymanian Bar Association) and John Furniss (on behalf of the Cayman Criminal Bar Association).

At a reception that followed, court staff led by Human Resources Manager Patricia Muschette presented the departing Chief Magistrate a gift in appreciation of her services while Mr. Ebanks handed over a certificate denoting Ms. Ramsay-Hale's honorary membership in the Caymanian Bar Association.

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