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GT Families Read Together

Librarian K.C. Williams shares a cozy bedtime story

"Uncle Primary school students in comfy pyjamas enjoyed bedtime stories with their moms and dads last night (Thursday, 17 November) at George Town Public Library.

The third annual Snuggle Up and Read event was co-hosted by the George Town Primary School (GTPS) as part of Reading Week activities. At this informal reading session children and parents bonded while enjoying story time.

"I really enjoy reading... one of my favourite books is Diary of a Wimpy Kid," said six-year-old Amare Hamilton. According to his teacher Yvonne Jordan, the GTPS student's reading level is far above his age group.

The children attending were also happy to hear Public Library Director K.C. Williams' announcement that the library intends to host monthly bedtime story sessions in the near future.

The Ministry of Education, Training and Employment's Literacy Specialist Annie Briggs said, "Reading Week promotes literacy. The current theme, Set Sail…Read, highlights how reading can take a person places through imagination and gaining knowledge, just as a boat can take persons across the ocean." She added, "Reading is an integral part of literacy development and it is important for children to understand this at an early age."


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