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Tribute to Pastor Al Ebanks

The late Pastor Al Ebanks

Civil society in the Cayman Islands has lost a leading light. Over many years, in a variety of endeavours, Pastor Al Ebanks became the epitome of a tireless servant of the people. Time and again he proved to all of us that a full professional and personal life posed no barrier to community service.

His contributions were characterized by an attitude that was uniquely vibrant and strongly principled.Even those who disagreed with his opinions understood that he thought, spoke and acted from deep-seated belief. He also applied this ethical framework in areas that might normally be considered to be outside the natural remit of a minister of religion, whether in his work at the Health Services Authority (HSA) Board, on the Constitutional Commission, or elsewhere.

Pastor Al's life serves as a model to all of us- and in particular those who are servants of the public. No matter how busy we become, we should always make the time to play a positive role in our communities. In so doing let us strive always to be energetic, engaging, and to ensure that our words and deeds are grounded in an ethics that we embody in every aspect of our lives. He would love that!