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ICO: No Contempt Proceeding

The Information Commissioner has withdrawn her letter to the Chief Justice certifying the non-compliance of the Port Authority with her decision 19-01911. Mrs. Dilbert said that in this case, she had been advised that determining whether the records should be released by this route would probably involve a long legal battle. New applicants have now requested the records, and The Commissioner had sought to enforce her previous decision.

Mrs. Dilbert said "It is my view that as the new applicants have the opportunity to seek these records by going through the normal procedure as set out in the FOI Law, this would be the most effective way to proceed, if they so desire. I am pleased however that the application of the FOI Law continues to meet the tests put forward in each case."

A full version of Decision 19-01911 can be accessed online at

About the ICO:

The Information Commissioner is responsible for monitoring the compliance of public authorities with respect to the Freedom of Information Law, 2007. That Law gives the public a general right to access records held by public authorities, and requires that authorities provide the record within 30 days, unless one or more of the limited exemptions to disclosure applies. Individuals who are dissatisfied with the response of the public authority to their request may file an appeal with the Information Commissioner.