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Enhancing Police Action

A new database offers the RCIPS improved resources.

The week starting Monday, 19 March, GIS Spotlight looks at new RCIPS technology, supporting youth and athletes in training.

Effective policing calls for swift response to crime scenes as well as speedy gathering of evidence. New technology is being fine-tuned continually to ensure that police services maintain their edge when it comes to crime-fighting.

Join us to learn how the RCIPS will utilise a newly acquired database system which is used by other police agencies internationally. Hear from officers on the job what will improve with Sungard, the new user friendly system geared to communicate the right information at the right time to enable swift action.

A new database offers the RCIPS improved resources.

On our next stop, we refocus on channelling youthful energy into wholesome avenues to help bolster self worth and personality. See how sustained and coordinated efforts can translate into positive youth action and lessons that last a life-time.

Finally, we revisit more youthful action, this time on the athletic field. Learn about the resources available to get school children and youth on to the sports field. Hear about the training available for talented sports youth to maintain, and improve, their technique while encouraging more students to discover their true athletic potential.

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