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Practising for Parliament

The participants take turns rehearsing the procedures they will perform during Youth Parliament.

After weeks of practice participants in the next Youth Parliament are ready to debate two motions, when they take over the Legislative Assembly (LA) for a day, on Monday, 12 March.

The Cayman Islands chapter of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association is hosting the event to commemorate Commonwealth Day. It will be the climax of extensive preparations by local high school and college students that included choosing and preparing two topics for debate. These were: "Lessening Human Impact on the Environment" and "Prohibition on Importation, Possession and Use of Paraquat".

The participants have also been getting pointers on how to function from the Government and Opposition benches, by a committee comprising MLAs: Mr. Dwayne Seymour - chairman; Mr. Cline Glidden Jr; Capt. Eugene Ebanks, JP, as well as LA Clerk Ms Zena Merren-Chin and Assistant Clerk, Ms Nana Bothwell.

This year's participants are Corey Christian (Governor); Amber Caum (Speaker), Diana Tibbetts (Clerk); Ashleigh Powell (Deputy Clerk); Kelvin Stephenson (Serjeant-at-Arms); Cline Glidden III (Deputy Governor); Joshua Dilbert (Attorney General); Moya Williams; Travis Scott; Megan Argenbright; Sydonie Barrett; Jaida Alexander; Manuel Quintana; Jada Andrade; Stryker Ebanks; Justino Rodrigues; Kimberley Wood; Kimberly Grant; Ann-Alecia Moore; Alexandra Anglin and Sasha Rankin (MLAs).

Acknowledging the opportunity to participate and learn about the legislative process, Justino Rodrigues said Youth Parliament was a character building activity that provides a useful insight into public office. More importantly, it prepares grooms youth for public speaking and debating, skills that are useful all through life.


For further information contact: Bina Mani