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Press Releases: April 2012

Counting on Your Numbers
Minister of Health urges people to participate in the country's first-ever health risk factor survey for the health of the nation. 2nd May 2012, 12:06pm
Cruise Ship Disaster Exercise
Local and UK emergency response teams tested Cayman's readiness and management of a major cruise ship accident, during an exercise last week. 30th April 2012, 12:48pm
Message from Hon. Mike Adam: Child Month
A message from the Minister of Community Affairs, Gender and Housing, Hon Mike Adam: Celebrating Child Month 30th April 2012, 12:26pm
Premier Elected Vice Chair
The Premier is the new Vice Chair of the Caribbean Overseas Countries and Territories Council. 27th April 2012, 4:48pm
Insightful First Trip
The week starting Monday, 30 April, GIS Spotlight goes on a whirlwind tour with the visiting UK Minister; introduces genealogy and revisits an exciting new youth venture. 27th April 2012, 4:34pm
Afterschool at Red Bay
The UK Minister for Overseas Territories visited the primary school’s at-risk programme. 25th April 2012, 11:27am
Solar Energy Programme Unveiled
The Premier announced a new solar energy programme for 1500 low consumption homes to help save 70 percent of their energy costs. 24th April 2012, 4:31pm
Culture Showcase
Minister Henry Bellingham got a taste of Caymanian culture in an evening of music, songs, dance and local dishes. 23rd April 2012, 5:35pm
SNA, BOP Surveys Continue
The annual economic surveys are underway to gather data for drawing the most accurate picture about the Islands' economic condition.  23rd April 2012, 5:15pm
Celebrating Kids in May
The Department of Children and Family Services plans fun and educational family activities for Child Month 2012. 23rd April 2012, 11:36am
John Gray Visit
UK Overseas Territory Minister visits high school campus. 23rd April 2012, 8:24am
UK Minister Bellingham's Visits
The UK's Minister for the Overseas Territories pays visits to Government departments. 20th April 2012, 2:57pm
UK Minister Discusses Procurement
Minister Henry Bellingham met with stakeholders on Friday to discuss and underscore the importance of procurement to the UK Government. 20th April 2012, 2:43pm
Minister Bellingham Meets Cabinet
Minister Bellingham lunched with Cabinet and Government Members and some MLAs at Government House. 20th April 2012, 9:52am
Health Talks Begin
More than 150 delegates have assembled in Grand Cayman for the 57th Annual CHRC/CARPHA Scientific Conference. 20th April 2012, 9:49am
UK Minister Addresses Reception
Minister Henry Bellingham makes his first public remarks at a reception held in his honour. 20th April 2012, 8:59am
28 Cubans on Brac
Migrants landed on Cayman Brac on Wednesday, 18 April night following boat trouble. 19th April 2012, 4:37pm
Minister Bellingham Arrives
The UK's Minister for the Overseas Territories is making his first visit to the Cayman Islands. 19th April 2012, 12:09pm
Gowns and Tassels for DVITP
Graduates of the Domestic Violence Intervention Training Programme. 18th April 2012, 12:22pm
New DCFS Director & Deputy
Two senior civil servants, Alicia (Jen) Dixon and Debbie Webb-Sibblies, have what it takes to lead the DCFS. 18th April 2012, 12:09pm
Minister Bellingham Soon Come
The UK's Minister for the Overseas Territories visits the Cayman Islands this week. 17th April 2012, 12:28pm
CMOs Gather in Grand Cayman
Chief Medical Officers from the region is gathered in Grand Cayman for a two-day meeting on regional health issues. 16th April 2012, 11:46am
Tech Support for Cops
GIS Spotlight revisits better resources for the RCIPS and positive youth action off and on the athletic field. 12th April 2012, 5:08pm
Referendum on Constituencies
In a statement to the Legislative Assembly, the Premier announced that Government will hold a Referendum on the issue of single member constituencies on 18 July 2012. 11th April 2012, 1:02pm
CI Flag Flies High
The Premier presented the Cayman Islands flag to visiting UK MPs to take its place alongside other OTs' flags at UK state events. 5th April 2012, 6:03pm
Economy Surveyed
The week starting Monday, 9 April, GIS Spotlight appreciates economics at work, empowering youth and the importance of online support.  5th April 2012, 4:51pm
Deputy Governor in LA
The Hon. Franz Manderson, Cert. Hon. JP, became an ex-officio Member of the LA on Wednesday, 4 April. 4th April 2012, 6:13pm
Symbols for Schoolers
The Protocol Coordinator keeps teenagers aware of the significance of the Cayman Islands' national symbols. 3rd April 2012, 1:30pm
Emergency Response to Propane 'Incident'
Emergency workers responded in unison to a propane 'incident' exercise at Home Gas Ltd. 3rd April 2012, 1:20pm
Service Recognition
Uniformed officers receive awards for service to Queen and country. 3rd April 2012, 1:10pm
Catwalks for a Cause
Dignitaries take to runway for the Red Cross' 'Fashionably Yours' fundraiser. 3rd April 2012, 12:58pm