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Press Releases: July 2012

Don't Swim with Dolphin
DOE warns swimmers to stay away from a lone, wild dolphin spotted in Grand Cayman waters since it can be unpredictable and dangerous when approached. 30th July 2012, 4:25pm
Interns Get an Insight
For the week starting 30 July, GIS Spotlight focuses on summer interns, climate change and hurricane preparedness. 27th July 2012, 4:19pm
Novel Gift for Neighbour
A local artist's unique creation will be Cayman's presentation at a Jamaica independence gala. 26th July 2012, 5:09pm
Governor's Statement on Budget
The Governor states that negotiations with the FCO on the Cayman Islands' budget are ongoing and an agreed budget is yet to be finalised. 26th July 2012, 2:52pm
New Fees in Coming Budget
The Premier announced a new 10 percent Community Enhancement Fee for ex-pat employees among several other measures for all in the coming budget. 25th July 2012, 6:24pm
Law School Celebrates
The annual graduation ceremony and launch of its alumni association marks the tertiary institution's 30th anniversary. 24th July 2012, 4:15pm
Cayman in the Olympics
Caymanian Adishree Mani represented the Cayman Islands in music concerts leading up to the opening of the Summer Olympics. 20th July 2012, 4:57pm
Life as a Cadet
Shanice Kelly gives insight into the world of the Cadet Corps as she concludes eight years with the programme. 19th July 2012, 11:29am
No Binding Result
Fifty seven per cent turn out for Referendum. Thirty seven per cent vote yes. 19th July 2012, 1:12am
Referendum Updates
GIS will be posting and tweeting referendum updates throughout the today and tonight. 18th July 2012, 1:00pm
Grand Court Jurors Report a Week Early
Grand Court Jurors To Report a Week Early 17th July 2012, 1:27pm
Students Gain Experience
Six of government's summer interns are assigned to various areas within Government Information services.  17th July 2012, 11:35am
Staff Certified at Department of Vehicle Services
Two staff at DVES completes training courses. 17th July 2012, 11:08am
Spiritual Healing
Long-time volunteer Ms Cathy Gomez has been recruited as the new chaplain in Her Majesty's Prison Service.  16th July 2012, 5:33pm
Focusing on Referendum
The week starting 16 July, GIS Spotlight focuses on election office preparations, the colourful QE II Botanic Park and health's vital statistics. 13th July 2012, 5:54pm
Immigration Closes Early
Immigration's front counter will close early this Thursday, 12 July. 11th July 2012, 3:21pm
Public Holidays in 2013
With confirmation awaited on the Queen's Birthday holiday, all other public holidays are listed. 10th July 2012, 5:32pm
Limit Travel to Cuba
Following a cholera outbreak in Cuba, Public Health recommends essential travel only to that country. 9th July 2012, 2:45pm
Duty Concessions Extended
To further stimulate economic activity, Government has extended duty concessions on importing building materials until 31 December 2012.  5th July 2012, 5:17pm
No Swimming with Wild Dolphin
Observing a wild dolphin is a rare privilege in Cayman, but DOE warns that it can be unpredictable and dangerous when approached by swimmers. 5th July 2012, 1:55pm
New Solicitor General Appointed
Ms Jacqueline Wilson has assumed duties as Cayman Islands' new Solicitor General. 5th July 2012, 10:57am
Meaningful Time
A vocational centre and a slate of activities at Northward Prison allow opportunities for inmate productivity. 28th June 2012, 12:27pm