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Focusing on Referendum

Elections officers hear from Supervisor of Elections, Mr. Kearney Gomez, MBE, JP at a training session.

The week starting Monday, 16 July, GIS Spotlight reveals the elections process, revisits the calm splendour of the Botanic Park and zooms in again on the health survey.

The national referendum on single member constituencies is approaching fast. Join us for a behind the scenes look at election officers preparing to ensure the voting and counting of ballots on 18 July go smoothly and efficiently.

See the training underway and other steps being taken in order to convert the whole election apparatus into a well-oiled machine so that the final tally is revealed in the shortest possible time.

Next, step into relaxation and beauty which is the special magic the QEII Botanic Park conjures every time. See for yourself why this oasis of greenery embellished with bright splashes of colour is such an important stop in Grand Cayman's land tourism. Cherish this home of the island's largest land animal, the endangered Blue Iguana.

After that, take another look at the ongoing health survey which aims to gauge the spread of chronic diseases. The results will prepare authorities to plan better for health care in the Islands and encourage life-style changes among all to maintain good health.

See how you can do your part to generate vital statistics for the health and allied fields such as health insurance companies.

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