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Interns Get an Insight

Summer Internship Programme Coordinator Ms Shena Ebanks

The week starting Monday, 30 July, GIS Spotlight revisits summer interns, examines climate change and refocuses on hurricane preparedness.

Join us as we recall how government's summer interns are able to translate their academic skill into hands-on experience. We highlight how this knowledge has provided them insights into workforce dynamics. Hear also from the coordinator about the expanded programme.

Next we review the impact of climate change and underscore what it really means, and its potential effect on our environment. We pin down some details, such as the difference between global warming and climate change and we get you thinking about what the future holds.

Finally, we remind you that we are in the midst of the hurricane season and that September is traditionally the peak month for big storms. We will help you to shake-off complacency and get prepared before any storms hit. Tune in and get ready with our list of 'must do's,' including tips on a family emergency plan, hurricane shopping and more.

Produced by GIS Marketing and Communications, GIS Spotlight highlights government's services and solutions, regarding issues that concern and affect you. The weekly programme airs Mondays on Cayman27 at 8 p.m. and on Saturdays at 6 p.m.

All stories seen in this week's GIS Spotlight can also be found on the GIS Marketing and Communications website:

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