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No Binding Result

Premier the Hon. W. McKeeva Bush, OBE, JP, with TV reporter Tammi Sulliman at the Elections Command Centre on Referendum day.

Referendum 2012 on adopting a system of single member constituencies concluded with neither 'Yes' nor 'No' votes achieving a binding result.

Official results from the Elections Office Referendum Command Centre indicate 8,677 of the 15,161 registered voters, or 57.23 per cent, cast Referendum ballots (including mobile and postal ballots). Overall, 5,631 voted 'yes' while 3,001 voted 'no' and there were 45 spoiled ballots.

Of the total who voted, 37.14 per cent said yes and 19.79 per cent said no. In either case, this is less than the required 50 per cent plus one.

The district breakdown is as follows:

  • Bodden Town: 3,467 total registered voters; 2,021 polled; 8 spoiled; 1,396 yes; 617 no;

  • West Bay: 3,685 registered voters; 2,093 voted; 13 spoiled; 1,027 yes; 1,053 no;

  • George Town: 5,911 registered voters; 3,367 polled; 14 spoiled; 2,360 yes; 993 no;

  • Cayman Brac and Little Cayman: 956 registered voters; 461 polled; 2 spoiled; 256 yes; 203 no;

  • North Side: 551 registered voters; 397 voted; 6 spoiled; 335 yes; 56 no;

  • East End: 588 registered voters; 337 polled; 1 spoiled; 257 yes; 79 no.

    The official count got underway at approximately 7:00pm (Wednesday, 18 July) and finished shortly before midnight.


    For further information contact: Bina Mani