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Press Releases: August 2012

First Deputy Governor Awardee
CIG Employee of the Month handed out to JGHS principal. 28th September 2012, 2:53pm
Searchers and Rescuers
Cayman now has a dedicated group of officers trained by experts in urban search and rescue. 30th August 2012, 3:00pm
Movie Inspires Teens
A Family Resource Centre's Summer Camp teaches students about racism, discrimination, tips on cooking and building friendships. 29th August 2012, 5:04pm
New Deputy Governorís Awards
New programme to promote excellent customer service. 29th August 2012, 2:08pm
TS WATCH in Effect
Expect rain, possible flooding in low lying areas, and gusty winds. Seas will be rough and a small craft advisory is in effect. 24th August 2012, 6:22pm
Premier Issues Statement
The Premier announces that UK agrees to the 2012-13 Appropriations Bill. 24th August 2012, 5:37pm
School Supplies Donation
DCFS receives school supplies from the Immigration Department. 21st August 2012, 1:19pm
2012 Throne Speech
His Excellency the Acting Governor, Mr. Franz Manderson, Cert. Hon., JP, delivered his first Throne Speech in the Legislative Assembly on Monday, 20 August 2012. 20th August 2012, 10:25pm
Shark and Dolphin Report In
A team of experts report findings on the movement of large marine animals in local waters. 17th August 2012, 12:52pm
Heart Disease Prevention
Local and international healthcare professionals now have the tools to prevent cardiovascular diseases. 17th August 2012, 12:47pm
Spotlight on Tourism
For the week starting Monday, 20 August, on GIS Spotlight: raising awareness for tourism, revisiting blue iguanas and better disaster management. 16th August 2012, 5:09pm
Empowering Fathers
Family Resource Centre provides fathers with the tools needed to build healthy relationships with children.  14th August 2012, 3:49pm
Clothing Drive for Young Families
Family Resource Centreís Young Parent Programme helps families in need through a clothing drive. 14th August 2012, 3:44pm
Meet Consie Williams, Customs Department
Newly-recruited civil servants benefit greatly from mandatory orientations. 9th August 2012, 10:56am
Past Leaders Honoured
The Premier presented Cabinet conferred-honorific titles in perpetuity to Cayman's top political and legislature leaders. 8th August 2012, 12:33pm
Squash Team Wins Big
Cayman Squash Team brings home Caribbean Champion title and other winning trophies. 6th August 2012, 1:11pm
National Gallery Offers Internships
Young Caymanians get the opportunity to intern in the arts community before graduating from university. 6th August 2012, 12:56pm
Groundbreaking of Walking Track
Cayman Squash Team brings home Caribbean Champion title and other winning trophies. 6th August 2012, 12:43pm
Tropical Storm Watch Discontinued
Cayman Islands no longer under Tropical Storm Watch. 6th August 2012, 11:51am
Government Opens as Normal, Watch Continues
Government business will continue as usual on Monday while a tropical storm watch for TS Ernesto continues until further notice. 5th August 2012, 6:16pm
Tropical Storm Ernesto Looms
Although Ernesto is days away from possibly affecting the Cayman Islands, government agencies have activated its hurricane response plans.  3rd August 2012, 5:52pm
Addressing Risk Reduction
A regional risk management workshop sought to address risk and exposure of small islands to natural hazards and climate change. 3rd August 2012, 3:48pm
Pursuing the Gold Standard
Eight Caymanians are currently seeking their Duke of Edinburgh gold awards in the Bahamas. 3rd August 2012, 12:41pm
Update on Cholera Outbreak in Cuba
Following a recent cholera outbreak in Cuba, Public Health reports number of confirmed cases. 2nd August 2012, 4:25pm
Breast Feeding Awareness Week
Cayman celebrates its 12th annual Breastfeeding Awareness Week from Wednesday August 1- Tuesday, August 7, 2012. 2nd August 2012, 1:45pm