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Empowering Fathers

A father learning to build a relationship with his son.

Knowing the impact of a healthy relationship with your dad, Family Resource Centre (FRC), with generous support from Hedge Fund Cares, presents Fathers First.

Held at FRC's office, six sessions will focus on areas such as responsible fatherhood, dealing with children's behaviours, managing conflict and handling anger, the art of communication, coping as a single father and building a support network.

Miriam Foster, Programme Coordinator noted that, "The meetings will be down-to-earth and practical as we help these men fulfil their roles as effective parents, partners and workers."

The new programme will also empower fathers and provide them with the tools necessary to build healthy relationships as they make positive contributions in their children's lives.

Minister responsible for Community Affairs, Gender and Housing the Hon. Mike Adam, MBE, JP expressed that, "Being a father myself, it is important that we secure loving relationships with our children."

He added, "Spending quality time and expressing unconditional love will strengthen the individual and the family."

For six weeks, starting Monday, August 20, fathers will get a chance to rediscover their roles as fathers and work toward enhancing the relationships they have with their children.

Ms Foster further added, "Being a father first, is about realizing that, above all, you are a father and you matter in the life of your children and they deserve your best."

For more information about Fathers First or any of FRC's services, call 946-0006 or email


For further information contact: Yvette Cacho