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Convenient Permits Meet Special Needs

Immigration officers at the Owen Roberts International Airport.

Any person visiting the Cayman Islands to engage in "non-professional" work activities for up to five days can now benefit from an instant Visitor's Work Visa (VWV) issued at the port of entry.

Immigration officials note that this new option was launched this week in accordance with the recent law revisions.

"It is designed to offer a more convenient service than the temporary work permits, while also discouraging anyone who might undertake work while on a visitor's permit," said Chief Immigration Officer Linda Evans.

Eligible persons are those employed full-time outside of the Cayman Islands, but whose presence in these Islands is sponsored by one or more licensed local person or business.

The application process is quite straightforward. The local business or individual who intends to sponsor the visiting worker should download the prescribed Letter of Invitation form. The sponsor may then scan the completed letter and email it to

The sponsor must email the Letter of Invitation to the Department of Immigration no less than 24 hours (including weekends) before the visitor worker is due to arrive in these Islands.

This letter must provide details on when the person is due to arrive, the job/s to be performed, and details of employment in the person's country of residence.

The visiting worker can then travel to the Cayman Islands, and be eligible to receive a VWV. Once approved, the person will be expected to pay the fee of CI$100 at the airport. However, the visa will not be granted if the Letter of Invitation form has not been completed.

"Of course, anyone seeking a VWV must comply with all other entry and landing requirements (e.g. a valid entry visa), as applicable," added the CIO. "Also, these visitors may only work with their approved sponsor/s."

A visiting worker can be granted only one VWV for the same sponsor/s within a calendar month. The VWV cannot be extended except under exceptional circumstances, and - if so - only up to five calendar days, after which the visiting worker is normally required to leave the Islands.

To obtain an extension, a request must be made in writing to the Chief Immigration Officer prior to the expiration of the initial Visitor's Work Visa. Upon approval, an additional $100.00 must be paid.

However, "professional" employees are not eligible for the grant of a VWV. This group, as defined in the Immigration Law, includes lawyers, accountants, medical professionals, architects, surveyors, teachers, ministers of religion, and other occupations as prescribed.


For further information contact: Lennon Christian