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Successful Road to Recovery

Hon. Mike Adam, MBE, JP delivers his opening remarks.

At a Recovery Month Banquet last Friday (28 September) 20 individuals in attendance received certificates honouring them for accomplishments in recovery from substance abuse.

Congratulating each participant, Minister responsible for Community Affairs, Hon Mike Adam, MBE, JP said, "Thank you for believing in yourself and thank you for having the courage to take the first step on the road to recovery."

Throughout the night, persons received rewards for Outstanding Contributions in the Community, Continued Dedication to Ongoing Recovery for Six or More Years, Most Active Alumni, and Best Dressed. All participants received recognition certificates for Success in Recovery.

Hosted by Department of Counselling Services (DCS), other activities in Recovery Month promoted the societal benefits of prevention and reassured residents that there is effective treatment for persons and families suffering the effects of addiction.

Activities also focused on society's negative perspective of, and stigma towards, affected persons while encouraging community participation in an effort to reduce these issues.

Acknowledging the partnerships with community sponsors and the contributions of her staff in ensuring the month long success, Department of Counselling Services (DCS) Director Judith Seymour said, "Indeed, Recovery Month helps to spread the positive message that prevention works, treatment is effective and people can and do recover, and that the benefits of recovery are significant and valuable. Therefore, it is important to recognize people who are in recovery, who have achieved healthy lifestyles and are now contributing in positive ways to their communities."

For information about services offered by The Counselling Centre, call 949-8789, 949-0006 for the Family Resource Centre or contact Caribbean Haven Residential Centre at 947-9992.


For further information contact: Yvette Cacho