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Focus on Recovery

September was Recovery Month.

The week starting Monday, 8 October, GIS Spotlight brings you Recovery Month and better skills for fathers, introduces the first Deputy Governor's Employee of the Month awardee and reminds you not to talk on the phone and drive.

For the whole of September, two government departments focused on services, events and activities for persons recovering from substance abuse and all others affected by such abuse, including spouses, children, parents and significant others.

Join us to participate in some of the events. Hear from counsellors and care providers about the importance of intervention and the support that is available for affected persons.

Continuing with empowering people, we stop next at the Family Resource Centre to put Fathers First. Discover how this forceful, six-week workshop impacted fathers and provided them with better parenting skills. Hear emotional stories and see how the workshop's success has triggered more in the future.

Next, remember not to hold a mobile phone to your ear or text on one while you drive. If you do, you are breaking the law that came into force last month. GIS Spotlight brings you valuable advice from RCIPS officers how you can still talk and drive if you follow the rules.

Finally, we also feature the first recipient of the Deputy Governor's Employee of the Month Award, Ms. Lyneth Monteith, who is Principal of John Gray High School. Tune in to catch her reaction on winning the award for August 2012.

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