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Police Add Vital Services

Now trained and certified RCIPS personnel can provide emergency medical first response.

The week starting Monday, 22 October, GIS Spotlight revisits RCIPS' diversified role, youth engagement and a peace initiative.

Ensuring adequate and proper first response in emergencies is a priority for every nation's health services. Delivery of such care, which can mean life or death for the patient, becomes all the more critical when confronted by access-challenged areas.

Enter the RCIPS air services unit with its helicopter and now, trained and certified personnel who can reach, stabilise and swiftly transport a patient requiring emergency care to the hospital. Join us to learn how this service adds substantially to Cayman's emergency medical services. See how this partnership works to cover all three islands.

Next, we stop again at radio programme Youth Flex's 500th show celebrations. Get a behind the scenes peek at youth power in broadcast action on this memorable occasion. Experience the impact on young personalities, who took this act forward over the years and grew it into a fruitful partnership between Youth Services and Radio Cayman.

After that, it's Cayman's first Peace Day celebrations where as a nation we joined 182 other countries to register our approval for worldwide peace. See how you can make the powerful theme that "Peace Begins with Me" a part of your everyday life long after the one-day observance and pledge.

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