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Dengue Update as of 16 November

- Total cases under investigation for dengue since the beginning of the year: 59

- Total results received for 49 cases (13 results received this week) 26 positives and 23 negatives; 10 cases with results pending.

- Of the 26 positive cases, 10 have reported a travel history to endemic countries and 15 had no travel history, suggesting that they acquired the dengue locally. One with unknown travel history (patient could not be reached to confirm). One of the confirmed cases was from a private facility; notification and results came this week although the case occurred four weeks ago.

- Out of the 10 with travel history: 5 are from West Bay, 3 from George Town, and 2 from Bodden Town.

- Of the 15 without travel history: 13 from West Bay, 1 from George Town and 1 from Bodden Town.

- The patient with unknown travel history is from West Bay.

- Distribution of all confirmed cases: West Bay 19, George Town 4 and Bodden Town 3.

- Since the last update as of 10 November 2012 there have been three new cases under investigation.

- Total hospital admissions: 15 (9 positive cases, 2 negatives and 4 pending results).

For further information contact: Yvette Cacho