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Staying Alive

Take heed: the new RCIPS Stay Alive campaign will target several aspects of driving.

The week of Monday, 26 November, GIS Spotlight showcases a new RCIPS drive to keep roads safe, features a UCCI science extravaganza and reconnects you with your past.

Speeding to get to that enticing bargain can put a serious dent in your holiday spending and movements if you ignore the Traffic Law now.

Going 50 mph in a 25 mile zone can snag you a $500 fine while doing 51 mph will take you to court, with a possible six-month driving ban. Be aware that every mile over the limit can cost you $40 when lights are flashing in a school zone.

Join us to learn more about the RCIPS' new Stay Alive campaign that targets motorists from 30 November to 4 January. See why you should pay heed to this zero-tolerance drive so that you can still enjoy the holiday season. Hear what the police will zero in on to ensure the streets are safe for all users.

Next, it's all about science and technology education. Stop with us at the STEM conference to hear how the University College has boosted vital science education in the Cayman Islands.

Finally, we revisit the National Archive to help you link with your past. Learn how you may be able to tap into the rich treasure that is available for Caymanians wanting to draw their family tree.

Produced by GIS Marketing and Communications, GIS Spotlight showcases government services and solutions regarding issues that concern and affect you. The weekly programme airs Mondays on Cayman27 at 8 p.m. and on Saturdays at 6 p.m.

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