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An Artful Journey

Cayman's visionary painter the late Mrs. Gladwyn Bush, better known as Miss Lassie, has earned international recognition.

The week of Monday, 17 December, GIS Spotlightjourneys into the special world of Cayman's visionary painter, brings you new developments at a popular primary school and revisits safeguards for your rights and freedoms.

On our first stop, we continue with our story about how the Islands' celebrated daughter, the late Miss Lassie, is getting due recognition. Join us to hear how the now famous house on South Sound Road became a national treasure.

Discover more about this international ambassador for Caymanian culture and what steps the Cultural Foundation has taken to ensure her work is preserved for all to enjoy for generations to come. And see what awaits you at the new Mind's Eye exhibit.

Next at Savannah Primary School, we showcase brand new additions and accomplishments that elevate to greater heights one of Cayman's most sought after primary schools. See how the enhanced facilities are helping promote greater scholastic achievements at the second biggest government primary school on Grand Cayman.

After that, it's off to revisit the National Gallery to celebrate Cayman's new Bill of Rights. Join in Implementation Day festivities that culminated in the release of Past, Present and Future, a book for school children. Featuring donated art work from local artists, the book illustrates and simplifies individual rights, freedoms and responsibilities.

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