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Dengue Update for 16 December

- Total cases under investigation for dengue since the beginning of the year: 86

- Since the last update as of 8 December 2012 there had been four new cases under investigation. Of the four one had travel history to an endemic area; two of them were residents of West bay, one of GT and one of BT

- No results were received this week, thus the total results received remained the same -- 67 cases with results (31 positives and 36 negatives; 19 cases with results pending.)

The notes below are same as given on 8 December update except for one additional admission.

- Of the 31 confirmed cases, 11 have reported a travel history to endemic countries and 20 had no travel history, suggesting that they acquired the dengue locally.

- Out of the 11 with travel history, 6 from West Bay; 3 from George Town, and 2 from Bodden Town.

- Of the 20 without travel history, 16 from West Bay, 2 from George Town and 2 from Bodden Town.

- Distribution of all confirmed cases: West Bay 22, George Town 5 and Bodden Town 4.

- Total hospital admissions: 25 (12 confirmed cases, 6 negatives and 7 pending results).

For further information contact: Yvette Cacho