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Dengue Update for 22 December

- Total cases under investigation for dengue since the beginning of the year: 91

- Since the last update on 16 December 2012, there have been 5 new cases under investigation. Of the 5, one had travel history to an endemic area. Two were residents of George Town, and one each resided in West Bay, Bodden Town and East End.

- No results were received from Caribbean Epidemiology Centre (CAREC) this week. However, the George Town Hospital continues to treat patients' symptoms as they present. (Confirmations from CAREC are used for surveillance data purposes only, and the delay in receiving them has no implications for a patient's care.)

- Thus the total results received remain the same--67 cases with results (31 positive and 36 negative) and 24 with results pending.

The notes below are the same as given on 16 Dec.

Of the 31 confirmed cases, 11 have reported a travel history to endemic countries and 20 had no travel history, suggesting that they acquired the dengue locally.

- The 11 with travel history include: 6 from West Bay; 3 from George Town, and 2 from Bodden Town.

- Of the 20 without travel history, there were: 16 from West Bay, 2 from George Town and 2 from Bodden Town.

- The distribution of all confirmed cases was as follows: West Bay 22, George Town 5 and Bodden Town 4.

- Total hospital admissions: 25 (12 confirmed cases, 6 negatives and 7 pending results).

For further information contact: Yvette Cacho