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Get Moving

Heart Health Cayman's Nurse Jodie Kelley explains that heart disease is preventable if you improve your lifestyle and take better ownership of your health.

When it comes to keeping their New Year's resolutions to live a healthy lifestyle, civil servants now have a little extra help.

The newly introduced Health and Wellness Week, a series of presentations by the Civil Service College (CSC), aims to empower civil servants to take ownership of their health.

CSC Deputy Director Andrea Fa'amoe explains that the college is organising activities focused around the theme of wellness during the second week of every month this year.

At the first Lunch and Learn event on Monday (7 January), participants learnt from Heart Health Centre's Education and Programmes Coordinator, Ms Jodie Kelley, RN, that heart disease is preventable.

Strategies for prevention include keeping: blood sugar; blood pressure; triglycerides and cholesterol, especially LDL, or bad cholesterol, within prescribed limits, while exercising regularly, eating right, cutting out smoking and immoderate alcohol use, as well as managing, if not reducing, stress.

Nurse Kelley reminded the audience that New Year's resolutions have a better chance of success if they are "very specific, realistic and forgiving". So, she said, resolving to walk 30 minutes a day for three days a week, has a far better of chance for success than vowing to walk five miles every day. "But get moving! Exercise is by far the best "pill" you can take," she emphasised.

She reiterated that heart disease continues to be the primary cause of death in the Cayman Islands, spurred by uncontrolled high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as a bad diet and genetic predisposition. "The way you live daily affects your heart," she cautioned.

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The presentation today (Tuesday, 8 January) will focus on nutrition. Wednesday's speaker will emphasise physical fitness and Thursday's will discuss family well-being. Meanwhile, the scheduled topic for Friday is finance.


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