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A Date with Agriculture

The abundance of fresh, locally farmed, organic products was a revelation to many.

On GIS Spotlight, it's time to enjoy Grand Cayman's hugely popular Agriculture Show, learn about expanded health insurance and cool off at Bodden Town's new beach amenities.

For years the Ash Wednesday Agricultural Show has been a grand showcase for the local farming community that has grown in content and popularity every year.

Tune into GIS Spotlight to see how this year's show attracted thousands of visitors, who got to enjoy an essential part of Caymanian life. Join us to experience the show's attractions and hear from the Hon. Premier and others why and how agriculture is good for the Islands. Hear also of the concerted efforts by government to get more young people involved in a vocation that they might find surprisingly lucrative.

After that, we learn about the expanded health insurance coverage that is soon to come into force, following the passage of amendments to the law in the Legislative Assembly. Understand how it can impact you and what you can expect from coverage providers in the coming months.

Lastly, we stop at the grand opening of the refurbished Coe Wood public beach in Bodden Town, which includes a boat ramp. Take a tour of the new additions such as the cabana and kiosks that now offer family-friendly spots from which visitors may better enjoy the tranquil, alluring beach.

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