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Dressing for Culture

Dressing for Culture Day celebrated Caymanian and other nationalities' traditions and diversity.

The week of Monday, 18 March, GIS Spotlight addresses Cayman's cultural diversity, alerts you to challenges of gender typecasting in health care and reacquaints you with the unique features of Cayman Islands' currency.

Cultural diversity mirrors the traditions of different nationalities. And a catchy way of marking this colourful diversity is to dress for the part.

Join us on our first stop at Dressing for Culture Day events to catch a glimpse of the variety represented by Cayman's residents. See tots getting important lessons through fun activities. Learn about local culture disseminated by two Caymanian stalwarts - the late Radley Gourzong and living legend 'Aunt' Julia Hydes, who turned 104 in January 2013.

On our next stop, GIS Spotlight draws attention to gender stereotyping impacting health and social matters. Hear how gender affects health risk factors and how better awareness can improve coping and prevention strategies for illnesses such as hypertension.

Finally this week, we remind you about the unique qualities of the last set of Caymanian banknotes that were issued some two years ago. Learn about the distinguishing features of Caymanian currency and familiarise yourself once more with what sets the different denominations apart.

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