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Less Cost, More Fuel

The recent rise in fuel prices has left fishing boat owners, both international and local, struggling to make ends meet and asking what measures can be taken to reduce the heavy burden of increased fuel cost.

Due to the litres of fuel required per tonne of fish - and depending on the species and fishing method used - fuel saving methods have to be tailored to suit each situation. With this end in mind a new manual, Fuel Savings for Small Fishing Vessels, offers practical advice on cost reduction to fishing boat owners, boat designers, and builders among others.

Released by the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the manual focuses on small fishing boats measuring up to 16 m (50 ft) in length and operating at speeds of less than 10 knots. This covers the majority of fishing boats worldwide.

Accompanied by many illustrations, the book offers fuel saving tips that include: reducing boat service speed, selecting efficient propellers, keeping the hull and propeller free from underwater fouling, as well as continuous boat engine maintenance - all of which can be done without major investment costs. It also suggests that changing fishing methods can save gasoline.

For more information on ways to avoid high fuel prices, a copy of the manual can be found on the homepage under 'Features'.


For further information contact: Yvette Cacho