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Appointment of Roy Mctaggart as a Councillor

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Roy McTaggart, MLA as Councilor in the Ministries of Finance and Financial Services.

Mr. McTaggart has indicated his willingness to serve the country and his constituents as a member of the Government and in the spirit of inclusion that has characterized the Progressives Government, we welcome him to the team.

We are confident that his experience in the financial services industry will provide additional support to Ministers Marco Archer and Wayne Panton at this critical juncture.

Mr. McTaggart has said that after careful consideration, in the face of the threats to the Cayman Islands’ financial stability from a new round of tax compliance regulations and the challenges which the country faces with respect to its finances, he believed his professional experience would be better employed in a proactive way from the Government benches. He looks forward to serving the country and his constituents in this new capacity and remains committed to the role of independents within the Government.

As a consequence of Mr. McTaggart’s decision to join the Government, the composition of the Public Accounts Committee will have to be changed to ensure proper balance and the necessary steps to effect this will be taken when next the Legislative Assembly meets.

For further information contact: Suzette Ebanks