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Councillor Meets Principals

Councillor Meets with Principals

Government school principals recently had the opportunity to meet with the Councillor for the Ministry of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs, Mr. Winston Connolly.

Councillor Connolly joined Chief Officer, Mrs. Mary Rodrigues, at the final meeting of the Principals’ Consultative Council for the current school year.

The Councillor brought greetings on behalf of the Hon. Tara Rivers, Minister for Education, and a commitment for visits to each school in the new school year. He explained that the various school leaving and graduation ceremonies had provided some important insights into each school’s priorities and achievements, and that he and the Minister were looking forward to learning more.

Councillor Connolly also expressed the Ministry’s continuing support for the Principal’s Consultative Council, as a mechanism for principals to be involved in advice and decision-making within the education system, and to support networking and their professional development.

Top on the principals’ agenda was the status of the Cayman Islands Strategic Plan for Education. They were pleased to hear that the plan enjoyed the support of the Minister and Councillor. The Councillor advised that the Ministry team was well advanced in an exercise to identify and fill any gaps in the action plans that had been identified by the Progressives Government and the Independents. “The good news is that there are a lot of synergies,” he said.

The Councillor was also able to assure principals that another of their top priorities, Special Education Needs, was also a key area of focus for the Minister and Government.

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