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Chamber Lauds Governor

His Excellency the Governor, Mr. Duncan Taylor, CBE and Mrs. Beatrice receive a parting gift of three Cayman Islands-themed decorative plates from Chamber of Commerce President Chris Duggan, who helps with opening the gift.

Members of the Chamber of Commerce paid their respects to the outgoing Governor, Mr. Duncan Taylor, CBE and his wife, Mrs. Beatrice Taylor at the Ritz Carlton Thursday (1 August 2013).

Summing up members' views, Chamber President Chris Duggan lauded the critical role that Mr. Taylor played in his three-and-half-year term as Governor.

Notably, Mr Duggan stated that in the past 18 months, Mr. Taylor had unhesitatingly taken the right decisions for the betterment of the Cayman Islands, even while facing "unwarranted, unacceptable and unjustified criticism from a few".

The Chamber expressed solid support for Mr. Taylor's decisions. Heartily thanking the Governor for proving his mettle, its President observed that the outcome of those decisions was evidenced by the prosperity that the Cayman Islands currently enjoys.

In reply, the Governor acknowledged that support from a large number of people had helped him to guide the country through challenging times.

"The Cayman Islands, in my view, is a very good place now, the mood is very positive and we have a good economic situation," Mr. Taylor said.

He noted that the private sector delivers wealth and the role of government is to provide services that facilitate the operation of the private sector. So, he emphasised, it is critical for the Government to establish an environment that supports the private sector's invaluable role, with minimal bureaucratic interference.

He also noted that the Governor's efforts should be to promote good governance and to ensure proper procedures were in place, resulting in a fair and transparent process. To attract business persons to the Cayman Islands it was vital for the rule of law to prevail, he said.

"If the Cayman Islands is reputed to be a bastion of good governance and real integrity, people will be queuing up to do business here," he commented.

While looking forward to his new assignment as UK Ambassador to Mexico, Mr. Taylor expressed his sadness to be leaving the Cayman Islands but promised that he and his wife would be back. As a parting gift Mr. Duggan presented the Taylors with a set of three commemorative plates depicting scenes in Caymanian life.

The Taylors leave the Cayman Islands today (Wednesday, 7 August 2013).


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